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Mortgage Loans:
Flexible, adaptable, and adjustable plans to fit your needs.

Elevation Mortgage is your  mortgage broker team that has been helping home buyers secure affordable home loans.

We are proud and committed to being a local team with deep roots in each community we serve. We have the stability and resources to offer our clients the best products available.

Our team of experienced mortgage brokers is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership, and we work tirelessly to find the right financing solution for each client.

Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your current one, Elevation Mortgage is here to help make your home financing a breeze.

Colorado Mortgage Broker
Colorado Mortgage Broker
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Mortgage Loans so simple,
you see what you get.

VA Loan

A mortgage available to eligible veterans and active-duty service members, offering favorable terms such as zero down payment.

FHA Loan​

A government-backed mortgage insured by the Federal Housing Administration, featuring low down payment requirements.


A mortgage program providing 100% financing for eligible rural and suburban homebuyers with low-to-moderate incomes.

Conventional Loan

A traditional mortgage not insured or guaranteed by the government, typically requiring higher credit scores and down payments.

Jumbo Loan

A traditional mortgage not insured or guaranteed by the government, typically requiring higher credit scores and down payments.

NonQM Loan

A non-traditional mortgage for borrowers who don't meet standard underwriting qualifications, offering flexibility in income verification.

Reverse Mortgage

A type of loan for homeowners aged 62 and older, allowing them to convert home equity into cash while still living in the home.

Mortgage Refinance

The process of replacing an existing mortgage with a new loan, often to secure a lower interest rate or change loan terms.

Commercial Loans

Funding used for major capital expenditures and/or cover operational costs that the company may otherwise be unable to afford.

Our Pre-Approval Process

Follow the 5-Step process to guaranteed success in your home buying journey. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and fluid process, which is achieved educating you every step of the way. Let us guide you home!

Step 1
Loan Consultation

We begin by understanding your financial goals and needs and discussing various loan options available to you in detail.

Step 2
Loan Application

Once you've chosen the right loan program, we assist you in completing the loan application accurately and efficiently.

Step 3
Upload Documents

You'll securely upload necessary documents such as income statements, tax returns, and identification to our online portal for review.

Step 4
Loan Review

Our team reviews your application and documents to ensure everything is in order and meets lender requirements.

Step 5

Upon successful review, you'll receive pre-approval, indicating that you meet initial qualification criteria, giving you confidence as you move forward with your home purchase.

Ready to Start The Pre-approval Process?

Its never too early to start the pre-approval process!

Why Choose us

We’re your Trusted Mortgage Broker to turn your Dream into Reality

Competitive Pricing

We offer the most competitive rates in the market, ensuring that you get the best deal possible on your mortgage.

Free Consultations

Our expert team provides complimentary consultations to help you understand your options and make informed decisions without any financial commitment.

20+ Years of Experinece

With over two decades of experience in the industry, our seasoned professionals have the knowledge and expertise to navigate even the most complex mortgage scenarios.

Premium & Fast Support

Our dedicated support team prioritizes your needs, offering premium, fast, and secure assistance throughout the entire mortgage process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience

Expertise and Experience

Choose us for our unparalleled expertise and years of experience in the mortgage industry. Our team of professionals possesses deep knowledge and understanding of the market, ensuring you receive top-notch guidance and advice throughout the loan process.

Transparency and Trustworthiness

With us, you can trust that you're working with a transparent and trustworthy partner. We believe in open communication, honesty, and integrity, providing you with clear information and guidance to make informed decisions confidently. Choose us for a seamless and trustworthy mortgage experience you can rely on.

Flexible Rates & Low Fees

we offer flexible fees and an easy process, ensuring a hassle-free experience from start to finish. Choose us for a seamless and trustworthy mortgage experience you can rely on.

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Verified Google Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Dallas Hidalgo
Dallas Hidalgo
Reed has always been one of the best mortgage brokers to work with. He has the best rates and has always gotten the deal to the closing table.
MV Good
MV Good
Reed was an outstanding professional to work with! He helped us understand which mortgage option was best for us and was always very responsive to questions. I highly recommend him and his company if you are looking for a mortgage company.
Leah Canfield
Leah Canfield
I represented Buyers who got their mortgage from the Letson Group and Reed and his team were responsive, professional, and quick to problem solve as we had some last minute hoops to jump through on the Real Estate sale. They offer more diverse loan options than a standard bank and their rates are competitive. I recommend them!
Kira Molina
Kira Molina
Reed and the team at Elevation Mortgage are the best lending team around hands down!!!! At soooo many points in the home buying process I felt overwhelmed and as if I was just drowning trying to keep up with what was going on but Reed and his team were SUPER SUPER SUPER patient with me and always had time to answer my questions, calm my fears and walk me through everything!! I cannot speak highly enough of the Elevation Mortgage team!!! I started out with a different lender and an absolutely horrible experience and Reed did everything he could reasonably do to help me!!! My husband and I HIGHLY recommend them for your mortgage needs, we are so blessed to have found them!!!!
Jake Duvall
Jake Duvall
Reed and his team were able to help me out tremendously. They were able to answer all my questions and provided excellent service throughout the process. Thank Elevation Mortgage!
Shawn McVey
Shawn McVey
Reed is great to work with. He is professional, caring and very responsive in helping you out with your mortgage.
Kirk Macklem
Kirk Macklem
Elevation Mortgage has been rock solid with assisting buyers that I've sent their way. As a Realtor I have high expectations for my lender partners and Elevation is outstanding. Very professional, knowledgeable, responsive and thorough! Do not hesitate to reach out to the top mortgage broker in Colorado Springs, you'll be glad you did.
valeria mendoza
valeria mendoza
Tuvimos el privilegio de trabajar con Todd Vidic y ha sido la mejor experiencia para mi familia y para mi. El nos ayudo para conseguir el mejor prestamo y fue un processo rapido y satisfactorio. Estamos muy agradecidos con Todd y todo el equipo de Elevation Mortgage, definitivamente los recomendamos.
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