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Wes Short

Florida Mortgage Broker

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Wes Short

Loan Officer

Does getting approved for a mortgage stress you out or give you anxiety?

Yes, I have heard the horror stories!

I’m Wes Short, a Florida Mortgage Broker…. but more importantly I am here to help you turn those horror stories into happy ones!

As a dedicated Mortgage Broker, my goal is to provide top-notch customer service, utilizing state of the art technology to make mortgage financing as simple and stress free as possible.

With over 100 lenders available, I can ensure that the mortgage process is smooth sailing– no need to shop around for the best rate. We can compare several lenders to save you time money, and stress.

With in-house funding and 14 day closings, this will take the fear and stress out of the mortgage financing process. You can rest assure that you are in the best hands for your mortgage needs.

I have helped thousands of clients secure their ideal mortgage, from first-time home-buyers to seasoned mortgage seekers. With deep knowledge of the mortgage industry and expert guidance, you can be confident that you are getting the mortgage of your dreams.

But the big question, what does the process look like working with me. 

The Letson Group as 4 Pillars to success!

Elite Level of Service

Looking for a smooth, easy-to-navigate home buying experience? 

Start your journey with us! Book A Call today and you’ll have access to our premier pre-approval process. Your success is our priority – get same day results without having to worry about any barriers or inconvenient appointments – that’s what nationally recognized white glove service can do for you. 

Let us make this adventure one of luxury, taking it from drab to fab in no time at all!

Clear, concise communication.

Effective messaging is essential for true success, and if you’re looking to partner with a team who will provide world-class service quickly, trust those that respond right away.

Don’t put your dream home on the line; initial communication should serve as an indicator of how well they can meet their commitments throughout the process. Find someone who won’t keep you waiting in limbo – pick one that offers answers within hours or less!

You’re one of us–

When you work with The Letson Group, there’s no way to deny that our family-oriented approach sets us apart.

Our team isn’t just here for the transaction; we believe in making every client feel welcomed and valued with each interaction.

This supportive environment resonates amongst friends and families of clients – leading them to recommend us again & again!

See why so many of our past clients refer us to the family and friends.

Creating generational wealth

Creating generational wealth can be a great thing for families.

It means that money and resources are passed down from family members to the next generation.

This helps ensure that families have enough money, resources, and opportunities to succeed and thrive in life. Generational wealth helps create more stability and security for future generations and can help persuasive them to achieve their goals.

When families and individuals have access to generational wealth, they often feel more capable of achieving big dreams.

They can feel less pressure to take risks or make sacrifices that may not be in their best interest.

Generational wealth can also provide a sense of security and give them the confidence to go after their goals without fear of failure.

With the right resources and the right attitude, families and individuals can use generational wealth to create a better future for themselves and those around them.

If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind loan experience from a nationally recognized yet local lender …

simply click the Book A Call button and let’s get started today.

No hassles or No headaches!

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