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Shilo Thumin

Florida Mortgage Broker

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Shilo Thumin

Loan Officer

Are you dreaming of family gatherings in your backyard but unsure of how to get there?

Like many of my clients, they were unsure of how to make this dream a reality!

Buying a home can seem like an insurmountable task. 

But we’ve made it possible for our great clients to make their dream of home ownership come true, despite credit score and down payment variety issues – quickly!

We got them pre-approved fast so they could move into the house of their dreams in just weeks – with us on your team; nothing is impossible!

I’m Shilo Thumin, your Florida Mortgage Broker, and I am here to help you on your journey to home ownership!

Achieving success doesn’t have to be expensive. I’m passionate about helping you get there by providing an affordable home loan that will set the foundation for your journey!

I owe my success to our team’s 4 Pillars to Excellence!

Our Elite Level of Service

Transform your home buying process with our elite level of service. We’ll remove obstacles and streamline the pre-approval journey so you can get ready for move in day quickly!

Our nationally recognized white glove treatment provides hassle free guidance tailored to meet all of your needs, giving you a smooth transition into home ownership.

Get started now – Book A Call today and experience the difference we deliver! 

Let us take this mundane task from dull to dynamic; after all, it’s time to upgrade your expectations.

Clear, concise communication

Having the right messaging partner should be a no-brainer for any elite business.

Fast and accurate communication is key to providing excellent customer service, as well as beating out your competition in this rapidly changing world!

 Despite what some may have you believe, waiting weeks on end for answers isn’t necessary – make sure whoever you pick can provide quick responses within hours (or even minutes!).

Don’t settle: initial interactions are the perfect yardstick to gauge future success–if they don’t meet expectations now, it’s not likely they’ll do better soon after.

You’re one of us

When you work with our team, it’s not just a business transaction – we make sure to extend the warmest welcome and invite each client into our family.

Our service is committed to making everyone feel valued for their contributions; in fact, our clients have been so satisfied that referrals keep coming in like clockwork!

Let me show you what truly makes our team special.

Generational Wealth

Create a legacy of success for future generations!

 Generational wealth can offer your family the opportunity to build financial security.

With resources and capital handed down from one generation to another, families are able to extract more value out their opportunities in life.

 There is no greater gift than passing along assets that enable younger generations stability and peace of mind while they strive towards achieving bigger goals – let’s make generational wealth an integral part of every family’s story!

When individuals and families are fortunate enough to have generational wealth, the possibilities for achieving their dreams become endless.

This financial stability can provide an incredible level of security, enabling them to take risks or make sacrifices without fear of failure.

With these resources at hand and a positive outlook on life, there’s no limit in what one could achieve – maximizing impact not only within themselves but also with those around them by creating a brighter future together!

 If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind loan experience from a nationally recognized yet local lender … simply click the Book A Call button and let’s get started today.

No hassles or No headaches!

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