A mortgage lender can walk you through the lending process and provide the loan that best suits your situation. They are critical to the process of purchasing a home in Denver. Lenders have their own borrowing guidelines when verifying your ability to repay your loan and to determine if you have a good credit score. They set the important aspects of the mortgage, such as the interest rate, terms, and repayment schedule.

There are different types of mortgage lenders in Denver. Most of them are mortgage bankers, which can be a direct lender or a retail lender. They work with warehouse lenders to borrow money for short-term rates to provide the mortgage that you need, and when your loan closes, they sell it to a secondary market, particularly to Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae, the agencies backing most mortgages in the US and other investors.

Retail lenders provide the mortgage directly to you instead of institutions. They include credit unions, mortgage bankers, and banks, and they may offer other products, like savings and checking accounts, auto loans, and personal loans. Direct lenders use their own funds or borrow from somewhere to make their own loans. Some portfolio lenders and mortgage banks can be direct lenders, but unlike retail banks, they specialize in mortgages. A portfolio lender is someone that funds your loan with their own money, and they have their own borrowing terms and guidelines, which may appeal to particular borrowers, like those who are seeking a jumbo loan.

It is important to find a good and trustworthy mortgage lender when purchasing a home in Denver, preferably a team that prioritizes its customers’ needs. So, be sure to do your homework and determine which company can provide the best selection of residential loans.