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Laura Webb

Licensed in Colorado

Laura Webb

Laura Webb

Loan Officer
NMLS 2052241

If you have been dreaming of the perfect home, your journey could start right now!

With our experienced team by your side and years in the real estate business to provide guidance, many potential homeowners like yourself achieved their dream with us.

Our clients found success even if they thought a poor credit score or lack of funds stood between them and owning a house – we helped secure pre-approved loans quickly so that they moved into their ideal homes within weeks.

So why wait any longer?

Let’s get started on making this vision come true today!

From small dreams to big aspirations – let me help you unlock your future with an affordable home loan.

I’m Laura Webb, Mortgage Broker at The Letson Group, and my mission is to make the impossible happen!


Our 4 Pillars of Success

Our elite level of service means you’ll get the best possible start on this journey.

With us, there are no barriers – one click and you’re in!

Book A Call with me today for an easily accessible pre-approval process that is second to none; it could even be same day results.

Take advantage of nationally recognized white glove service designed just for people like you who want experienced guidance without any hassle.

We look forward to helping take your home buying experience from drab to fab!

Clear, concise communication. Elite businesses understand the power of effective messaging; not only does it ensure that everyone is on the same page but also acts as a tool for world-class service and response times.

Don’t trust companies who ghost you around–instead pick someone who’ll provide helpful answers quickly and accurately within hours (sometimes less!).

After all, no one has time to wait weeks in limbo while missing out on their dream home!

Initial communication should be the ultimate test! If you are not getting the level of service you think you deserve at the start, it’s only an indication of what’s to come down the road.

You’re one of us– At The Letson Group, you can be sure that your service experience is far beyond transactional; instead, we treat every client like an integral part of our family.

Our team strives to make people feel valued in everything they do–and it shows!

We seem to have struck a chord with friends and families of clients: referrals keep flooding in day after day as evidence that when you work with us, you become one of

Creating generational wealth— Home ownership brings unparalleled opportunities for building long-lasting wealth.

With potential yearly returns of 3%-5%, a 300,000 home purchase could increase your net worth by 10 to $15,000 each year!

Why not create financial security and stability for you and your family?

Utilize the expertise of an experienced lender to maximize rewards with minimal risk–and find peace in knowing that all generations can be cared for through careful planning.

A pre-approved loan is the key to unlocking your dream home.

It guarantees you won’t overlook any potential homes, provides clarity on monthly payments and closing costs; giving you control in negotiations for that perfect deal with sellers.

The Letson Group makes it possible – bringing knowledge of power straight into your hands!

If you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind loan experience from a nationally recognized yet local lender … simply click the Book A Call button and let’s get started today.

No hassles! No headaches!