Many of us are animal lovers of all kinds here in Colorado Springs, but we especially love our canine companions. And for those of us with amazing dogs at home, it can be a challenge to take them out when businesses just aren’t happy to see our dogs.

So today, Elevation Mortgage thought it would be a great idea to mention some of the best dog-friendly coffee shops, restaurants, and breweries in the area where you can hang out with your furry friends while enjoying human fun, too. These places have been signed off by many pet owners for being some of the best spots for accommodation when it comes to animals in the Colorado Springs area.

Pub Dog – A New Dog-Friendly Eatery and Outdoor Park

We had to highlight this one first! New in 2018, Pub Dog is “Colorado’s first and only dog-approved eatery and outdoor play park,” according to their website. Pub Dog is combining the best of both worlds by offering a unique atmosphere where dogs can play and their owners can mingle and enjoy great food and drinks. It’s the only place where you legally go indoors and dine with your canine! If you have a dog, you’ve got to check out this new and innovative place and let us know what you think!

Dog-Friendly Breweries

When it comes to breweries, there are a few well-known spots around town. Phantom Canyon Brewery has a reputation for being really chill and dog-friendly. They have a great patio, and the staff is known for being very friendly and helpful with dogs. Smiling Toad Brewery is dog-friendly inside and out. They are a small, homey brewery that’s been around since 2015—so if you haven’t been there yet, try them out. Trinity Brewing Company is another brewery that’s dog-friendly, and they have amazing selection of beer (they were rated #1 Brew Pub in Colorado in 2017). Last but not least, Rocky Mountain Brewery and Bristol Brewing Company are both dog-friendly.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants & Bars

Pizzeria Rustica is a great spot locally known for being dog-friendly with their outdoor patio, and their pizza is to die for. The Burrowing Owl and Shuga’s are popular cocktail spots that both have friendly outdoor areas for animals, and they are exceptional establishments to check out here in Colorado Springs if you haven’t already. The Bench is a new sports bar in the area that also offers dog-friendly areas, and The Principal’s Office is a beautiful spot with an elevated patio that is really fun to hang out on with friends and pets. Coquette’s Bistro opened up last year with an entirely new space that offers outdoors seating and a great vibe for you and your dog (and it’s entirely gluten free, for anyone who cares).

Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops

Colorado Springs is known for its coffee shops, and there are quite a few that will cater to your pets. With its warm and friendly vibe, Switchback Coffee Roasters has a nice outdoors patio that is welcoming to canines. The Wild Goose Meeting House and Urban Steam are both trendy spots to partake in great coffee and food that have outdoor seating spaces that are welcoming to dogs. Stir Coffee and Cocktails is another place that has a great outdoor seating space—and if you’re in Manitou Springs, check out Red Dog Coffee.


While this isn’t completely comprehensive, we hope that this list can show off the way Colorado Springs is embracing our pets! So check out these coffee shops and see how your animal does.