For many individuals, Colorado is the land of mountains and amazing scenic views, along with countless outdoor activities. It can be a wonderful place to call home. Here are five things that you need to know about when making Colorado Springs your home. 

The Military is Everywhere

With multiple military bases, including Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, NORAD, and the U.S. Air Force Academy, the city is home to multiple servicemen and women, as well as their families. The bases not only are home to military members but are also among the top employers in the area. 

Additionally, with discussion of a U.S. Space Force, Colorado Springs may find that its military presence is continuing to expand. For military personnel looking to finance a new home, VA loans provide some amazing benefits to military personnel. 

The Air is Thinner But the Entertainment is Not

While the mountain views are fantastic, the altitude is something that you need to adjust to. Expect that you will need to take it easy and not pack quite so many activities into your days when you first arrive. 

Instead, enjoy some of the relaxing art or musical offerings. There are concerts at the Pikes Peak Center for the Performing Arts, as well as drama and comedy to be found at the Millibo Art Theatre. For foodies, there are plenty of options, including the Ivywild School that is a local market hotspot. Note of warning though, alcohol at higher altitude means that the effect can be significantly exaggerated. This feeling results from the magnification of dehydration that comes from drinking, mixed with the lower amount of oxygen. 

Outdoor Activities Abound

For those who love to be active, there are plenty of opportunities in Colorado Springs. Besides the mountain climbing, hiking, and skiing, there is also the fun of exploring the various underground caves. The Cave of the Winds was discovered in 1881 and is a great way to see the natural beauty of the rock formations. 

Another fun activity is axe throwing, which is a sport all its own. Urban axe throwing leagues are also available. This sport combines community with learning a skill associated with lumberjacks for decades. 

Businesses and Education Are Kings

Colorado Springs is home to one of the fastest growing universities, namely the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The university offers multiple degree programs, plus 25 Olympic athletes attended the university. 

With all those university graduates, Colorado Springs also has a booming tech industry and space for entrepreneurs. There are also a variety of events aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and encouraging business growth. 

Housing Prices Are Increasing But Cost of Living Remains Low

For those moving into the area, the demand for housing always exceed the supply. Therefore, housing prices are slightly higher than other areas. However, the overall cost of living in Colorado Springs remains lower than the national average. The unemployment rate in Colorado Springs is 3.1% as of April 2018, which is also lower than the national average. 

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